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Imagine A Conscious CIO on Your Team – for a Fraction of the Price

Melbourne’s Most Trusted IT Support, Saving Your Money & Allowing You To Focus on What you Do Best!

Technology, Servers, VPNs, Firewalls, Routers – all of these words your IT guy brings up seem a little overwhelming and confusing? And do you feel like every time you turn around you are having to pay for another time block or getting another bill from your IT guy?

Here at Unified IT, we have realized how inefficient it is to have you the Administrator or Operations Manager trying to not only manage the business, but also the technology in your office. Too often, we find that when we arrive to an office whether you have an IT person on site OR you have an IT Support Team, there isn’t a proactive approach to save money in IT and take care of the network.

Hence Unified IT has come up with CIO Support. An option that allows your business to access to a high-level, technology advices on a regular monthly or semi-annual schedule, depending on Your Needs.

Because Unified IT is an expert in IT and solely focuses on technology day in and day out in the most difficult environments, we are able to make sure you are getting the best value for your IT and if you can be saving money, we find it.

Unified IT is Melbourne’s Most Trusted Choice in IT for a reason. For a High-Level Overview of where you can be Saving Money on IT and getting the Most from Your Current Network, Contact Us Today and Schedule your Complimentary Network Assessment Today.

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