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Here at Unified IT, we Simplify IT for you. We offer an abundance of IT Services so that you have the greatest probability of finding the best fit for your business needs.

Project Team : Melbourne IT Services

Unified IT has put together a Special Project Team just for our clients that need project-based work from time to time. We complete our projects On Time, every time, and Guarantee Smooth IT Turnovers in specified periods of time with proper diligence.

Managed IT Support

Poor response times in a crisis have proved costly to many SMEs with operations grinding to a halt and in some cases –causing your business to lose a client! Clients today expect results quickly – and – if your technology is down for even 1 hour – it can prove to be extremely Costly! Therefore, in such cases, you should immediately get in touch with Melbourne IT Services for fruitful assistance in the long run without distortion in the original layout of work performance.

Network Security

You’ve probably heard of the security collapse of major firms in the news of late which have led to them admitting that the email addresses and personal data of millions of their clientele is in the hands of hackers. This is the kind of nightmarish scenario every firm dreads. As a result, companies are investing millions in security systems hoping to keep such intruders at bay. Hence, for your better assistance to maintain the reliability and authenticity of your security measures incorporated with the best IT Services Melbourne guaranteed to provide conducive resolution for future courses of actions.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your Business Data, from Email Messages to Contracts to Invoices, is the lifeblood of your business. Unified IT ensures that your data, applications, and information is backed up regularly and that you can have access that information – no matter what happens outside of your control.

Desktop Management

The best way to boost the productivity of your staff is to equip them with the tools they need to do their jobs fast and efficiently. One of these is a desktop that not only has adequate capacity in terms of speed and storage, but that will stay operational as long as possible without breaking down.

The Information Technology or “IT” space, offers various services for the growth and expansion of a business. IT is the abbreviated term used for this technology which includes a vast array of fields and services. It offers computing and communication advancements for data storage and management. As the name suggests, information technology affects the way we collect and work with any type of information, no matter which field of study we belong to, or what our business type may be. It also includes various features for the distribution of information. IT services globally include a wide range of fields, like web technology, global information systems, bioinformatics, knowledge bases and cloud computing.

Unified IT solutions offers expert IT services in Melbourne. We make sure that your business enjoys reduced costs and increased productivity by limiting your company’s resource usage for it’s more critical IT tasks. Unified IT also recognizes that your data is some of the most important information needed to operate and run smoothly. We therefore go above and beyond to offer a range of IT services to help your company implement, execute, and manage business in the most profitable way for you, increasing your ROI.

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