IT Strategy

Here at Unified IT, we pride ourselves on being Melbourne’s Most Trusted Choice in IT. We offer hi-level IT Strategy to Your Business to ensure that your IT Services are Cost-Affective and Reliable.

CIO Services

Technology, Servers, VPNs, Firewalls, Routers – all of these words your IT guy brings up seem a little overwhelming and confusing? And do you feel like every time you turn around you are having to pay for another time block or getting another bill from your IT guy?

Network Health Assessment

Have you ever calculated the value of the time of your office? Every time your office goes down it is costing you money. Unified IT has found that on average over 70% of small to medium sized businesses, don’t realize the value of lost time in the office. What’s worse is that 90% of these businesses are at risk of security threats in their network.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

A Cloud Readiness Assessment allows you to realize the pros and cons in Your Business to Moving into the Cloud. The Assessment will show you where you can be saving money in IT, the Return on Your Investment, and the real concrete benefits, risks and costs associated with your IT in the cloud.

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