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Unified IT offers a wide range of professional IT on-site or remote services, we can either be an extended part of your IT project team offering specialist solutions or can provide end to end delivery of a specific project.

Our highly experienced certified engineers deploy, maintain and implement leading solutions and products on the market from world leading vendors e.g. Microsoft, Optus, Cisco, Symantec, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, to name a few.

Some of our professional services that we provide are:

Laptops & Workstation PC’s

Unified IT offers purchasing of all major vendor laptops, workstation PC’s and support


Unified IT offers purchasing of all major vendor servers and support


Unified IT offers purchasing of all major vendor printers, supplies and support

Network Solutions

Unified IT has a vast range of technical knowledge and with our highly certified and experienced engineers we can provide your organization a complete solution

If you are the owner of a small or medium sized business in Melbourne, then the efficient use of the latest computer technology will help you grow your business and become the market leader of your industry. To achieve this, one of the simple steps to take is outsourcing your IT needs to a professional team that will properly manage your valuable data. Information of the past, and present, as well as the future is very important for the growth of any business. That said, to work most efficiently it is of significant importance that the most important information is organized and ready for review at a moment’s notice. This type of data management is what allows a company to grow and flourish, increasing their ROI and remaining optimized at all times.

In today’s age, the computer has become the common tool required to manage and organize our businesses as well as our lives. With the proper team in place, your information will be formatted in order to be accessed just how you want it.

A perfect example of a highly skilled computer support team in Melbourne is, Unified IT Solutions which provides the hardware and software solutions to do all of the above. They provide a number of computer support services, covering laptops, workstation PC’s, servers, printers all the while maintaining a precision a network solutions offering. Unified IT will safeguard your computer systems and it’s precious data, ensuring your team and business continue to work at an optimal pace. The company’s top quality computer services, are sure to be a significant asset for your business.

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