Project Based IT Services

Project Based IT Installations: Done For You On Time & Completed with Ease the 1st Time

Do You Find Your IT Guy Needs a Helping Hand from Time to Time? Are Your Relocating Offices or Adding an Office and just want it to work Straight Away?

Or Do You Need New Hardware & Just Need a Helping Hand with the Roll-Out?

Unified IT has put together a Special Project Team just for our clients that need project-based work from time to time. We complete our projects On Time, every time, and Guarantee Smooth IT Turnovers.

Tens—and in some cases hundreds— of protocols and settings must be set up correctly and in accordance with your existing configuration to minimize system trouble down the road. (If an IT “specialist” says otherwise, we politely suggest you run in the other direction.)

With DynaSis’ Project-Based IT Services, we come to your location and perform an assessment of your IT environment, upfront. We meet with you to develop a the project and identify unforeseen problems if applicable to your wants. If you need a tune-up, we’ll fix the problem quickly and with as little impact on your budget as possible, without cutting essential corners.

We also help you design your IT Project to fit your needs and budget and negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible pricing. Or, if you have already made purchases, we will make sure you have everything you need to best serve you.

Installations that Succeed

Once the relocation or project has begun, our Certified Team will perform the installation according to industry best practices (and Microsoft recommendations, if applicable). After completion of each stage—Assessment, Design and Install—we will ask for approval to ensure we have over delivered.

We make sure that your business’s path to IT success is as set up as it should be. Using recommended configurations can even minimize time and expense if you call Microsoft (or us) about a problem, down the road.

For a High-Level Overview of where you can be Saving Money on IT and getting the Most from Your Current Network, Contact Us Today and Schedule your Complimentary Network Assessment Today.

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