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The Cloud plays a role for every business, but the road to the cloud is different for every business

Moving to the Cloud. What you need:

  • Technical Readiness. Is your current IT Environment “Clean” and ready to move. It’s difficult to see what problems lurk beneath the surface – and even the smallest problem can stop the project.
  • Business Readiness. Moving to the cloud is not just a technical journey – it is also a people and process journey. The changes being introduced must be understood and managed.
  • Understanding what the real costs will be. The costs are of many different types: performance, data retrieval, poor customer experience to just name a few.

So check out the cloud but do so with open eyes and consideration

Unified IT Cloud services will take you from where you are to the cloud services that make the best sense. Our team will make sure:

Unified IT provides Three Platforms of Cloud Support for Businesses:

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