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Research shows that 66% of Australian SMEs are prioritising growth and expansion in their business strategies. Most of this expansion involves technology

What this means to you?

  • You need to become aware of technology that will help you
  • You need access to technicians who can work with the new technology
  • The technology needs to be compatible with your IT foundations
  • The faster you implement the faster you get to market, lower your ROI and increase your competitive advantage

Unified IT, IT Projects keeps your business growing

Unified IT has a Special Project Team for clients that need technical skills on a project basis. We complete our projects On Time, every time, and Guarantee Smooth IT Turnovers.

During these projects tens—and in some cases hundreds— of protocols and settings must be correctly set to ensure that any additions to your current technology portfolio are compatible, stable and add to the overall value of your IT foundation going forward.

First we meet with you to understand your needs. Then we assess your current I.T infrastructure. We then work with you to identify any risks based on our understanding of your needs and our assessment of your current system. If there are issues we’ll fix the problems quickly and with as little impact on your budget as possible, without cutting essential corners.

We also work with you to design your IT Project to fit your needs and budget. We will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible pricing for required purchase. Or, if you have already made purchases, we will make sure you have everything you need to best serve you.

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