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Understanding your business

Unified Managed Services is about helping you and your business succeed. To
help you succeed we need to understand your business and what success looks
like. We achieve this in the following manner:


We start with a discovery meeting. Through an interview process we gain an understanding of your business, your goals and your pain points.


Next we conduct an assessment of your IT baseline. With an understanding of your business and an assessment in hand we can jointly determine if we are the right fit for each other.


After we engage in providing services we will continue to work with you when implementing projects to expand and grow you business.

The first step of any project will be to gain a clear understanding of your business objective and then understand the requirements of providing and delivering a technology that supports your business goals, is compatible with and grows the value of your IT environment and adds to the ability of your IT foundation to continue growing.

Customer Care
is our top priority

Unlimited help desk calls 24/7 for a fixed fee - Predictable, simple and always a human on the line

If a member of your family called you for help on a dark, stormy night with a broken down car in a remote location – what would you do?

You would assess the situation, explain what you were going to do and get them the help they need, staying in communication until the situation is resolved. If needed, you’d jump in your car and go to the rescue yourself.

That’s how we work. We know the frustration of needing help and not knowing what’s going on. Our support team keep you in the loop while we handle the problem.

An ounce of prevention . .

Proactive IT Solutions – More uptime, increased productivity, reduced frustration

Our technology watches your whole system, 24/7, including all of your systems under management; desktops, laptops, network devices, servers, etc.

It knows the tell-tale signs of an impending problem.

Our certified technicians are alerted and they can often resolve a situation before it becomes a major issue. You’ll only know about it when you read your monthly report.

Security and Business

Complete confidence and confidentiality – Built in from the start

Virus and security scanning
Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Meeting Capacity requirements

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