Cloud Readiness Assessment

Want To Move Your Business to the Cloud? Is Now the Right Time?

The Cloud Opportunities for Your Business

A Cloud Readiness Assessment allows you to realize the pros and cons in Your Business to Moving into the Cloud. The Assessment will show you where you can be saving money in IT, the Return on Your Investment, and the real concrete benefits, risks and costs associated with your IT in the cloud.

The Assessment typically takes around 60-90 minutes depending on the size of the business and after the Assessment; we will schedule a follow-up meeting to go deliver our findings.

Our Strategy covers Four Main Areas:

After the Assessment, you will be able to put together a strategy for your business’s adoption of the cloud, how it will affect your bottom line, and a complete roadmap of what you need to do to move to the cloud.

We help you prioritize on aligning your IT with your business objectives and making sure you are getting the best savings possible.

Who Needs to be Present for the Assessment?

A Unified IT Specialist comes out to help you fully understand the benefits and savings from moving to the cloud. To complete the Assessment, the Business and Technical Decision Makers need to be present so that you can realize the Savings and Expenditure that will happen by moving to the cloud.

You will be asked to provide a good understanding of your business, your business plan, your IT properties, and your organizational structure and culture. Unified IT will find the synergies between cloud computing and your business. An Advance planning that precedes after the Assessment.

Schedule An Assessment

To Schedule a Cloud Readiness Assessment, Contact Unified IT Today. For A Limited Time Only, Unified IT Is offering Complimentary Cloud Readiness Assessments, Contact Us Today.

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