Network Penetration Testing

Do you know if your network is vulnerable to hackers? Do you want to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks that could damage your reputation and cost you money? If so, you need to test your network security regularly with our network penetration testing service. 

Penetration testing is a simulated hacking attempt that reveals the weaknesses and risks in your network. As part of our service, we will try to break into your network using the same methods and tools as real hackers. Then we will report our findings and recommendations to help you fix the issues and improve your security. 


Based on network penetration tests completed on over 2000 organisation since 2019, these are the top 10 Critical internal pentest findings on the most recent 1500 security tests performed globally 

These are the common vulnerabilities that hackers exploit to compromise your network and access your data. 


Pentest Top 10 Critical findings
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What is network Penetration testing? 

Network Penetration testing is a security assessment that mimics a real hacking attack on your network. It aims to find and exploit the vulnerabilities and gaps in your network security. It’s like a health check for your network that shows you how well you are protected from cyber threats.  

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What is the difference between penetration testing and vulnerability assessment? 

A vulnerability assessment is a scan that detects the potential vulnerabilities in your network. It tells you what problems you have, but not how serious they are or how to fix them. A penetration test goes a step further and tries to exploit the vulnerabilities to see what damage they can cause. It tells you how severe the problems are and how to fix them. 

Vulnerability Assessment vs PenTesting
History of pen test findings Sample Report

Why choose our network penetration testing service? 

Our penetration testing service is designed to help you improve your network security and comply with industry standards and regulations. We offer: 

  • Exploitation: We don’t just scan your network, we try to hack it. We perform exploitation and post-exploitation activities to show you the real impact of the vulnerabilities on your network. 
  • Reporting: We provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report that includes the findings, the risks, the recommendations, and the evidence of the penetration test. 
  • Simulation: We can perform pre- and post-breach simulations to test your network security before and after a cyber attack. 
  • Frequency: We can perform penetration tests on a monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly basis to help you monitor and maintain your network security. 
  • Affordability: We make penetration testing easy, efficient, scalable, and affordable for businesses of all sizes and industries. 
Penetration Test Process

What are the benefits of penetration testing for your business? Penetration testing can help you: 

  • Prioritize the remediation of critical security weaknesses. 
  • Understand how an attacker could gain access to sensitive data or systems. 
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements. 
  • Test and improve incident response procedures. 
  • Validate the effectiveness of security controls. 


What to expect from the report? 


The report is the final deliverable of the penetration test. It contains all the information you need to understand and improve your network security. The report includes: 

Executive summary: A high-level overview of the objectives, scope, methodology, results, and conclusions of the penetration test. 

Technical details: A detailed description of each finding, including the vulnerability, the risk, the exploit, the impact, and the recommendation. 

Evidence: A collection of screenshots, logs, and other artifacts that support the findings and demonstrate the exploitation. 

Appendix: A list of references, tools, and resources used during the penetration test. 

Here are some screenshots from a sample report to give you an idea of what to expect from the report. 

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